So what is Inspiration and why is it important?

When you are inspired, you are connected to your

Source of Being, which is who we really are. You go beyond the world of limitations and enter a space of ‘creative knowing’.

This knowing is the wisdom that can free you from the limited interpretations of reality that are creating so many of the challenges you are facing right now.

Being Inspired or In-Spirit , means you are tapping into the stillness where creativity and Soul-utions to problems are found. It is where the spark of Divinity within you says that no matter what you are experiencing, You are going to be ok!

Being Inspired activates your inner guidance to navigate a life from a more Soulful perspective. To gain insight means looking beyond the surface of the mind.


‘We ingest with our eyes, but we digest with our Soul.’ Dr. Mark Dooley


Being inspired shifts your perspective and it opens the realms of possibility where you can tackle issues differently.

Expanding your Awareness holds the key to becoming inspired and then you are no longer controlled by old patterns that are not in alignment with your Authentic Self.

Now that’s Inspiring!


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