Nuggets of Wisdom

  • There is nothing or no experience you have had, or mistake you have made or will make that will ever justify you judging yourself as bad, wrong, unworthy, a failure, defective, unacceptable, or any label you choose to use.
  • There are no mistakes in the Universe.
  • Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest Source of Grace in this World.
  • When you go for an entire day without overeating or compulsive eating, or exhibiting a conditioned behavioural pattern that does not serve you, You are a different person at the end of that day!. What you must learn to do is to let that Totally Different Person decide on the 2nd day whether to go for an entire day again without behaviours, rather than letting the same old person decide that its going to be difficult in a couple of days anyway. Let the New You make the decision each day. Let the New You create the Intention for each day after.
  • Habits are transformed by putting in place New Behaviours which are derived from Awareness. Don’t target the behaviour, Expand your Awareness as awareness dissolves negative patterns.
  • Look at everything in a New Light.
  • Change your Attitude – Attitude Re Alignment with your Highest Self.
  • Be specific about what you want and work on it daily.
  • Instead of saying ‘why can’t I, say why Don’t I!.
  • Be Comfortable with Insecurity, Wisdom comes from not knowing.
  • If you Identify (derive your sense of self) from anything other than Source/Soul Self/Higher Self/Essence etc… then you will feel bad as this is misidentification, misinterpretation and misunderstanding who you Really Are !
  • Being Present means non judgement of Self and Others.
  • The present moment is the portal through which you connect with your Soul.
  • When you find yourself judging yourself or others or being critical, simply say IN SPIRIT!
  • Accept and Trust.
  • When you attach a certain outcome to things turning out a certain way, you are stopping the infinite organising power of the Universe from creating something for you which is even better than you could possibly imagine !
  • Relax and Let Go.
  • Allow issues to rise up so you can re interpret and develop Peace, Joy, Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness and Non Judgement.
  • Conditioned beliefs that sometimes we are unaware of create repetitive challenges to bring up these beliefs so they can be transmuted by your Soul. See challenges as a tool to induce healing.
  • How you relate to your ‘issue’ and yourself as a result of the ‘issue’ is the ‘ISSUE’!
  • Acceptance of feelings, self, a situation, etc brings you to a gateway or creates the space for Awakening or awareness where you then have a choice. Awareness v’s Conditioned Response – You Choose ?
  • Mantra …. I forgive myself or I surrender the judgement of thinking or believing that I am bad, unworthy, unlovable unacceptable, inadequate, fat, etc….
  • Nothing in the world of Form is permanent. Essence is our Soul Self, Highest Self, and Form is our thoughts, our feelings, our body, our job, our homes, our relationships etc. When we identify with form then we will struggle emotionally. So when we feel bad and identify (derive a sense of self) with these feelings then we struggle as the feelings are a signalling system from our Essence that we have strayed and we need to find a way back to our Real Self or Essence.
  • Here’s how it works… We come to Earth with a Spiritual Curriculum which results in us having a propensity to interpret events/experiences in a certain way in early life and this creates ‘our issues’ and the beliefs we signed up to learn from in order to bring about healing and a Soul centered life, so early interpretations set up what we need to heal… Example

~ Limiting Belief (we are unaware of sometimes)

~ We create (unconsciously) an experience to trigger the limiting belief and bring it to the surface.

~ The hurt part of us brings the feelings (physical response to the belief) up for healing

~ Healing is Applying Love to the shadow self (ego) false self fake princess.

~ Healing is Applying forgiveness to yourself for misinterpreting that you were unlovable, unworthy or unacceptable as a result of misidentifying with form (see above).

~ Healing is applying compassion to self for having the judgements that you had as a result of identifying with form.

  • You are Aware (Awakening) or you are Unaware (conditioned responses).
  • We do not do things because they are good and bad but because of our attachment to them. Attachment means you seek yourself in something. Attachment implies fear. Sense of self is connected to …. Perfect body, perfect life etc…
  • Attachment is ego driven not Soulful.
  • Life is filled with grace when we practise Non Attachment, Non Judgement and Non Resistance.
  • Nothing in the world of form is permanent.
  • All issues are based on Mis Identification, Mis Interpretation and Mis Understanding of an Experience.
  • Deal with what is Real, Not what is Imagined.
  • An Event/situation/challenge needs to be observed with Neutrality as Ego interprets, judges and then the feeling is the physical response in the body to the mind interpretation. Behaviour then follows as a result of the mind interpreting the event/situation . Mind is limited and negative so Observe everything with a neutral perspective and don’t label or judge it as good or bad as then its ego centric and not Soulful. Soul just accepts … accepts the situation, accepts the feeling, accepts knowing it’s for your highest self. Ego says oh this is bad, this is horrible, constructs a story about what this means and then conditioned behaviour follows. Awareness is the solution, don’t target the behaviour introduce an awareness of neutral observation. Observation is a state of Being.
  • Deflate the ego by Accepting the moment like you had chosen it No Matter What.

      Awareness can override unconscious conditioned patterns… Technique

~ You feel Anxious / worried / fat / irritated / Afraid etc…

(these are all conditioned patterns from the mind trying to

Bring up limiting beliefs for healing)

~ Cue Awareness…… Awareness of the fact that you

as a result of misidentifying, mis interpreting, and misunderstanding

Something so now you feel any of the above.

~ Now with this Awareness you have created the space

Where you have a CHOICE…. Do I need this ? is this

Serving my highest self ? you can become conscious or

Remain unconscious and repeat conditioned response.

~ If conditioned response is repeated then this just means

Healing is happening and lesson hasn’t been learned yet so

Practice compassion forgiveness and acceptance as there

Are no mistakes in the universe.

~ If you Awaken then this awareness shines a light and

Dissolves the conditioned responses. Surrender all

Judgements as they are results of misidentification.

  • It is our challenges which create our Awakening
  • I release the Past with Love.
  • There is only well being, there is only joy,there is only peace. If you are not feeling these then it is because you are resisting or disallowing the flow or vibration of energy from your Essence or Soul. So you CHOOSE … Allow v’s DisAllow, Accept v’s Resist.
  • Tap into your Inner Sparkle!.
  • If you are noticing something in someone that you don’t like then the scratch is on the lens of your camera !!!!
  • Keep looking for light in the darkest of Places.
  • There is no darkness, just an absence of Light.
  • Your Power lies in how you choose to look at a situation… Ego says it’s right or wrong, good or bad, perfect or a failure. Soul simply Accepts and knows it is what it is.
  • Let go of anything in authentic.
  • Expect a Miracle when you decide to be true to yourself.
  • A situation cannon be Healed until you Release it so Healing Light can enter.
  • Being at PEACE means being calm while in the midst of turmoil and challenges.
  • FORGIVENESS means you are no longer willing to carry around the pain from another persons actions. You are not justifying or condoning their behaviour but you are choosing to let go the pain, so they do not have control over you. See the world through unwounded eyes. Mantra …. I forgive x for not being the way I want you to be. I forgive you and I set you and I free. Acknowledge the hurt they have caused and pack it off to your Soul to transmute for healing.
  • FAITH means you are willing to trust while acknowledging fears and doubts around a situation.
  • ACCEPTANCE means you are willing to stop waging war on something( aka resistance). Anything you completely accept changes! Trapped energy becomes freed and a shift happens. The frequency/vibration shifts. It does not mean you have to like it, it just means you are no longer willing to fight with it. It can be about your body, your situation, your challenge, etc…
  • Whatever happens in every day life surrender to it, Accept and trust, Be aware and don’t interpret, and bring space and expansion to everything.
  • COMPASSION is understanding that we all have different levels of awareness and we can only operate from the level we are at.
  • NON JUDGEMENT means appreciating that YOU or another person is doing the best they can with the resources they have at that time.
  • Expand Awareness and don’t target conditioned responses.
  • Shift perspective to a Soul Centred one as this transforms what you are looking at.
  • Some lessons are painful, some painless, but all are Priceless.



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