Spirituality and Weight Releasing


The word ‘Spirit’ comes from the Latin Spiritus and is related to the verb spirare which means ‘to breathe’, so when we use the words spirit, spiritual, or spirituality we are really referring to the very essence of what it means to be alive. Our breath is the link between our mind and body, hence the mind, body, spirit, synergy.

Spirituality can be defined in many ways and uses of the word differ greatly. It involves having a belief in a power that operates within each and every one of us and this power gives our life meaning and purpose. This can refer to our essence, our soul, our authentic self, our real self, our spirit, our personal power, our core self, our infinite self, our higher self, and is a reflection of the power that operates in the entire Universe. It connects us all to each other and although spirituality is associated with religion, many believe personal spirituality can be developed outside of religion.

Religion is for people who fear hell and Spirituality is for people who have been there !

Addressing an individuals spirituality is a rapidly growing approach to treating the whole person, body , mind and soul. I remember I was 30 when I first came upon the notion of spirituality. I have to say I thought it was a load of bull! I mean believing in your own sense of power sounded arrogant, having faith and ‘all will be well ‘seemed like denial of reality! I had a sense of awe but yet wasn’t buying into it. As the Universe moves in mysterious ways others started to arrive on my path and seemed to be singing from the same hymn sheet, yet they didn’t know each other. I thought this was very interesting and felt someone or something was trying to get my attention ! I didn’t go looking for them, they were finding me and I guess I then started to wonder ’was I missing something ?’
I went and bought my first spiritual book which was called The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. I remember feeling very inspired not being able to put it down. I also remember wanting to search for similar books. It resonated with me and suddenly I was getting it ! Up to that point it was more about my spiritual quest and it was not until a few years later that I became aware clients presenting with weight issues seemed to be all saying the same thing….

‘ I feel there is something missing’

‘I feel there is a void or emptiness within me and I am eating to fill it’

‘I know if I go deeper within myself I will find the reason why I am bingeing’
‘I am anxious but I know this is not who I am’

‘I keep thinking these things, but I know its not me’

I was learning spiritual hunger cannot be solved on a physical level.

What is your Soul trying to tell You ?

Many medical schools in the USA now have spiritual teachings in their curricula as they are now realising the importance of treating the whole person when it comes to any form of ailment of the body. Medical science does not have all the answers to health and wellness and I believe if we learn to harness our own personal power within us then we can activate our own healing ability and transform many illnesses and problems including of course excess weight.

So what does becoming spiritual involve ?
Well I believe in keeping it very simple so it starts with simply becoming Aware. Spiritual Awakening is becoming Self Aware. Awareness is the first step in healing. This awareness involves healing the relationship between the part of you that eats wisely and the part that doesn’t. They are not 2 separate beings, but 2 aspects of the one being. If you are familiar with the information on the website you will notice I have made statements like…
‘you are not your mind’, ’you are not your body’.
I ask you to become aware of what you are thinking.
So who is it that is becoming aware of what you are thinking? it’s the real self, the authentic self, the soul self.

How does Spirituality Influence Health ?

The energy of healing is transforming something that appears negative into something positive. When we over identify with our feelings…. Fat, weak greedy, ashamed, ….we get confused and we start to identify ourselves by our feelings. Feelings like thoughts are not who we are, but what we are feeling ! Society does not value our guidance system instinct and intuition, spirituality does ! To make our journey of self discovery we need to stay connected to what we were given. Intuition is inner seeing, hearing and knowing. It is a gift. It is the wise voice within us that tells us what to do, where to go and involves our heart, our body and our spirit.
It taps into creative forces in the universe whereas the rational mind processes information it receives from the environment and is filtered through conditioned responses.
In order to access this wisdom we need to be open, receptive and allowing. So basically ‘Be Yourself’.
Healing happens when we allow our true self/spirit to shine through. Yes positive thinking is wonderful but connecting with your true self enables thoughts and beliefs to fall away, so you can then experience a state of ‘being’ rather than a state of thinking.
Our body is only a reflection of our internal state so if we can become aware of our essence then the body will reflect this and we achieve balance. Excess weight cannot remain when your entire system is balanced. Your body heals when you are stop looking at it as the problem.
I believe when we identify with our mind and our body, our real self, our soul self grieves for the loss of its own worth and many illnesses and weight related issues occur to draw our attention back within ourselves. Hence doing things for the sole purpose of getting rid of the weight is not the answer.
Instead allow into your life all that stimulates the essence of who you are.
The following are suggestions on how to awaken your spirit, real self / core self / higher self/ authentic self/soul self….

Be open to becoming self aware as with awareness and presence you can see what is beyond the thoughts and feelings and accept without judging, and labelling.
Be open to allowing your true self to shine through
Accept yourself, love yourself, trust yourself
Nurture the willingness to let go beliefs, thoughts and feelings that do not serve you
Be true to yourself, nurture your soul.
Treat yourself with respect and kindness
Trust everything is as it should be for your higher good
Let go your attachment to any way of thinking or believing so Universal Energy can flow within you freely.
Stay in the present moment
Be who you are to have what you need to do what you want ! (most people do the opposite… if I do this diet or this exercise , then I will have the perfect body and be happy ! doesn’t work this way I’m afraid!)
Forgive yourself and others. You do not have to know how just be open and willing and the Universe will handle the How ! Remember you do not have to heal the wounds, instead learn how to look at the world through an unwounded heart.
Have compassion for yourself and others as we can only work from our model of the world.
Remember your true essence cannot be measured or weighed.
Have an attitude of gratitude.
Create a vision for the life you want and dare to go after it
Practice being relaxed, centred, secure and peaceful.
Have faith . Having faith is trusting despite fear and doubts.
Know that within a seemingly unacceptable and painful situation is concealed a deeper good and within every disaster is contained a seed of grace. Accept the unacceptable, then peace and grace are yours.
Look beyond every day events and ask yourself ‘what is my soul trying to tell me ?’
Surround yourself with people who energise you, who inspire you, stimulate you and evoke a sense of joy.

Deep inside us is a huge radiant potential , a power of life than can create miracles, a creative genius that has the answers to our deepest questions, and the creative inspiring
solutions to our most pressing difficulties.

Your Vision will become clear when you can look into your own Heart.
Who looks outside, Dreams; who looks inside, Awakes.
Deep inside us is a love that is capable of healing all things, a peace that defies all boundaries of separation. You are gifted, brilliant and full of grace.

Be You Now !

Be Brave with your Life !


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