Awareness is the first step on your journey of transformation as you can’t change what you are not acknowledging.

I remember doing a talk once around Awareness and I could see that I was not engaging the audience. As soon as I asked the question … ‘ what is one of the symptoms of lack of awareness?’, the answer being negativity, I suddenly engaged every person in the room, to the point that we went an hour over time ! Awareness transforms your perception which enables you to develop the ability to observe your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, etc. with neutrality. What I mean by this is, you observe without judgement. When you are aware you do not have to believe all your thoughts.

Now I want to introduce the ego which is the small self. Ego says things like….. you are not good enough, everyone is talking about you, you are weak, you are fat ….. and then it constructs a story about what this means. Your physical reflection of this is a feeling in the body, so if ego says you are not good enough then you feel bad !

Becoming aware of the fact that this is the ego (mind interpretation) based on beliefs, past conditioning, etc and is not You, then you can start to observe with neutrality what ego is bringing up so you can invite healing from the Soul. In awareness you allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are feeling as you become aware your feelings are not facts.

Ego judges, labels, and it is all about safety, security and control at all costs!

Past issues that may have created fear, mistrust, doubt, paranoia, worry, guilt etc…. continue to haunt people as the ego looks for something to pin it on in present day reality.

Becoming aware of this means you get to choose how you respond to ego. All judgements come from Ego.

Ego can not function in the present so it is constantly bringing up past failures, worries etc or future concerns.

Awareness of the importance of being present, coupled with acceptance of the present moment is vital as is slows down excessive thinking.

Being present means being in the moment, accepting the moment no matter what it holds, observing thoughts and feelings with total neutrality.

Becoming aware means you realise that all your issues are based on mis-identification, mis-understanding and mis-interpretation of what ego is telling you.  Awareness enables you to harness the power to change how you relate to yourself.

So for example ego says… You are not good enough, you don’t look the part, no one will ever love you etc…
Without Awareness you will probably identify with this, ie think this is who you are, you then believe it, feel bad about yourself and this becomes the filter through which you experience life.
With Awareness you can acknowledge ego for bringing up the thoughts that need to be healed. By the way the definition of Healing is the application of Love to the parts of us that are wounded, or scared !

It is important to note at this stage that the trigger ie thought, feeling, person, or challenge is not the problem, It is merely triggering what needs to come up to be healed.

 So how do you change the way you relate to yourself ?

You don’t have to change yourself, instead

You change the way you relate to yourself by not identifying or attaching meaning to the thoughts that ego brings up. You develop the art of neutral observation so you can elicit what beliefs are driving the thoughts.

Your Beliefs hold the key to transforming the way you relate to yourself. (See Beliefs Icon for more information)

Beliefs serve as a guide to what needs to be addressed. We have many beliefs (which we are not consciously aware of until we are asked about them) and it is these beliefs that create repetitive situations and challenges on our path. This serves to highlight the fact that we are identifying with what ego is telling us and it’s a call from the Soul for an application of healing.

So the upshot is your unresolved issues will come into the light of awareness when you allow yourself to feel what you feel . The important thing is you do not identify with your feelings nor attach meanings to them as this creates resistance. When you don’t identify with your feelings or attach meaning to them, you are not in their grip. They can surface without the ‘me’ in them.


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