What Works?

Before we look at what works lets look at what doesn’t  work! In my 23 years experience of working with people I have seen one common factor that is present in each client that presents for weight loss. They have made comments like ‘you’re my last hope I have tried everything’ or ‘I don’t think I can do it  because I have failed so many times, but I can’t stop trying’.

Please believe me when I tell you, you have not failed, the  approach has failed you. You are not alone !

In 2007 UCLA concluded ‘Dieting is a consistent predictor of future Weight Gain’.

We know that 93% of people who diet to lose weight end up regaining the weight and in many cases individuals end up heavier.  That said diets  do work for 7% of people !

The Dieting Industry is a billion dollar industry which preys on vulnerable people promising ‘this one will shed the pounds’.

I would like to define what I mean by dieting so we are on the same page.  My perception of dieting is when an individual manipulates food to lose weight by counting calories, weighing food, and  or eliminating food groups.

The problem with these approaches is most diets  are biologically flawed, they suggest that you believe your weight is the problem and they tackle your weight from the outside. To make the weight issue more complex, individuals set a ’target’ weight and strive to achieve it. This target weight can be  unrealistic and can create feelings of failure if not achieved, despite significant weight loss.

I once had a client who lost 5 stone but because she didn’t reach her target weight and lose that extra 10 lbs, she felt she failed!

Do you know how our Weight Charts were designed?

Back in 1940 an employee called Louis Dublin worked for an insurance company  Met Life Insurance in New York . One day he decided to analyse the client records and he concluded that if you were overweight you were more likely to die young. He then created a weight chart table which was specific to  people under 30 years old !


As a result of this arbitrary weight table, it suggested that people of normal weight were now deemed overweight and it changed the ideal/overweight concept. This laid the foundation for the Dieting Industry and they rose to the challenge. People also starting to display signs of ‘depression’ due to body image dissatisfaction. Next  the medical profession commenced using these weight tables for their patients. Then finally the  government initiated use of  these  weight tables and fast forward to modern day and they are utilised  by the majority of  individuals tackling weight loss.

Where is the individuality in these charts ?

Where does it take into account your individual specific genetic make up ? Your frame ? Your height ? Your soul ?

And don’t forget these charts were supposed to be applicable  to people under 30 years of age only !.

I guess my main point here is dieting and setting yourself a target weight don’t work and it’s not about you !

By the way if you appreciate irony guess who operates from the building Met Life worked from in New York ? …….

The one and only Weight Watchers !!!!

I believe constantly weighing yourself  is like a red herring. It is a smoke screen diverting attention from something else going on ???


So back to What Works…..

If you have read my philosophy then you will know that I believe that weight loss works if we work on letting go the weight from within. It involves restoring balance in the body.  Every habit, thought,  and behaviour  we repeat there is a need for. This need corresponds to beliefs we have and in many cases we are not even aware of them. I can totally understand you questioning what possible need could I be satisfying by being overweight ? Well if you believe you are not good enough, not deserving of weight loss, unworthy of love, then you will be destined to struggle with your weight if that need is being served by your excess weight.

Alternatively I have worked with clients whose weight was serving a purpose. It was protecting them or creating a barrier to the outside world. Sure they hated being overweight and yes they came to me to help them lose the weight but their need to have the weight outweighed their need to lose it so we had to work on this before they were ’ready’ to let it go.  First we had to create an awareness of what was going on and this is  the catalyst for permanent weight loss.

This is the template I work from.

You decrease the  size of your Body by expanding the size of your mind !

My unique individualised approach is holistic, solution focused and addresses the following Domains…..

Your Mental Level is where  we explore and bring awareness to your beliefs, thinking styles, attitudes and assumptions that may be creating or maintaining the need for your weight. This will include beliefs, thoughts and attitudes about your sense of self and the experience you have of your body.

We will set about transforming these so they support you.

See icon thoughts and weight loss for more information.

In order to change the outcome, we have to change the software !


Your Emotional Level  is where we will explore your feelings and identify  feelings which you are eating in response to. We will develop skills to help you change the way you respond to your feelings. Example… If an individual believes they should not feel angry as it means they are a  bad person , then they may eat in response to feeling bad about themselves. The problem here is the anger isn’t addressed and it gets buried in the body hence their  weight problem persists. As previously stated I am solution focused so I formulate solutions in the present and go forward.  I believe if you  delve in the past it can become a bottomless pit. There is always more !. That said all your  beliefs and feelings resulting from  past experiences will be honoured.

See icon feelings and weight loss for more information.

A Feeling is  a Feeling , not a Fact !

Your Physical Level  is where we will address behaviour (triggers, barriers to change, behaviour modification  techniques), body image, nutrition (labelling reading, how to balance blood sugar levels and how to break your  sugar addiction) , and lifestyle. Note it is virtually impossible to lose weight or maintain weight loss unless you balance your blood sugar levels first.

Behaviour is what we do, and not who we are !

Your Spiritual Level  is where we will awaken your true essence or the real you ! There is a growing body of research that suggests spiritual awareness improves coping skills, fosters feelings of optimism, fosters a sense of personal power, promotes a sense of relaxation and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. It is not about religion as you can be any denomination.  It is about connecting with a power within you that gives your life meaning and purpose.

See icon Spirituality and Weight Loss.

The Prizes of Life we fail to win because we doubt  the Power Within !


As you can see my approach is very comprehensive and individually tailored to suit your specific requirements.

This is the format of my approach…

  • Our initial consultation is informal and lasts approximately 1 ½ hours. During this time we will discuss your requirements and at the end of the session if I have done my job, my hope is you will have changed the way you have been looking at your weight and will leave with a renewed sense of hope, enthusiasm and vibrancy. If you then feel this is the way forward for you then we make a 2nd
  • Again if I have done my job you will want to come back and I will give you WALI to take with you ! WALI is a Weight and Lifestyle Inventory which gives me a comprehensive overview of you to date. This you can fill in at your leisure and bring back with you on your next session.
  • You will also get a folder with inspiring, thought provoking handouts, a food diary (where necessary) and a journal.
  • Each week I will give you handouts to add to your folder and relevant materials pertaining to your journey and stage you are at.
  • I do not believe in contracts or signing individuals up for a number of sessions. I am flexible in my approach and when a client asks how fast will I lose the weight I always reply ‘how fast do you want to put it back on !’
  • My role is to coach, guide, mentor and teach you new skills and your job is to show up !
  • I endeavour to create a safe, and nurturing environment where you can explore your relationship with food and create new ‘health’ behaviours. I am compassionate, non judgmental, motivating and endeavour to help make your journey uplifting, insightful and achievable.


I really look forward to taking this journey with you!



Suzanne ~ 087 2056560