Weight Loss

My Philosophy & Approach to Weight Releasing

‘’When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change !’’ Dr Wayne Dyer

Have you considered being overweight is not the problem ?

What if your weight is a symptom of another problem?

If you have lost weight in the past, regained it, and lost it again only to end up heavier than you were when you started , then I believe my approach is for you !

I believe being overweight is a symptom of an imbalance within us and once we find the nature of this imbalance, I help you to achieve balance from within.

Excess weight, illness, and pain can not remain when your entire system is balanced, hence my comprehensive approach.

‘‘If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.’’

I believe there is a need within us for all recurring thought patterns, habits, and behaviours. This need corresponds with beliefs that we have, most of which we are unaware of. Something within us needs the weight, the poor relationships, the feelings of unworthiness. When we become aware of this need and it is addressed, there will be no urge or desire to repeat the patterns of behaviour with food, body and weight. I believe we do not do things because they are good or bad but because of our attachment to them which again is as a result of a belief we are holding within that is driving our need for the behaviour.

My Unique Selling Point is I address what diets and exercise don’t. I serve to address ALL aspects of weight loss… thoughts, feelings, behaviour modification (barriers to change), nutrition (how to beat your sugar addiction and how to read labels).

I don’t believe in ‘A One Size Fits All Dogma’, as it limits who you are so my approach is tailored to suit You !

Together we will create a wellness tool box that will contain resources, skills, and fresh perspectives.

On a Mental level I will help you to develop clarity by exploring thoughts, attitudes, assumptions and beliefs which are sabotaging you, many of which you may not be aware of.

On an Emotional level I will empower you to handle your feelings very differently. As your feelings drive your behaviour and physical reality, it is essential to address your attachment to your feelings. You are entitled to feel everything you feel, however you can develop emotional balance by learning to respond differently to your feelings.

On a Physical level I will help you to attain health. Everything that happens externally or physically is to trigger something internally or within. Weight, illness, pain, disease all serve to draw us inward. I will help you change behaviours which do not serve you and develop habits which support physical health.

On a Spiritual level I will serve to create a heightened awareness of your personal power and help you align with your Real Self where you can experience a life with meaning and purpose. You get to live the Life you were born to live.

Problems or obstacles represent your inability to connect to your power in that moment ! They are Divine Sign Posts !

That which you desire is already Yours !

Thank you for your attention

Suzanne ~ 087 2056560