Food Fight

‘Dieting Syndrome is a set of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, judgements and values which are created by dieting and which influence many people who have food, body and weight issues. Dieting syndrome is created by misinformation and is a natural consequence in psychological terms to the behavioural restraints caused by an individual depriving themselves or feeling deprived as a result of being on a diet.

The following are examples of some beliefs held by many experiencing dieting syndrome….

Self Beliefs associated with Dieting Syndrome…

  • I am not entitled to eat like others
  • I lack willpower
  • I am greedy, and out of control
  • If I eat in front of people they will say ‘no wonder she is fat’
  • I gain weight just by looking at food.
  • Thin people can eat what they want, I can’t !
  • I’ve blown it again…

Other Beliefs associated with Dieting Syndrome…

  • Dieting is the only way to lose weight
  • Food is the enemy
  • You have to be hungry in order to lose weight
  • All foods are good or bad
  • Fat people don’t need to eat because they carry enough to live off
  • Thin people have willpower and less problems !
  • All you need is the right diet and willpower and you will never overeat again !

Behaviours associated with Dieting Syndrome…

  • Always on/off a diet
  • Yo-Yo dieting
  • Binge/starve mode
  • Emotional Eating
  • Can not maintain a happy medium
  • Needing to be on a diet as being ‘normal’ represents going nowhere and not losing weight.

Several studies have been done on dieters and most conclude the following…

  • Your relationship with food deteriorates
  • You develop powerful urges and cravings that can remain long after the diet is complete.
  • You develop an obsessive preoccupation with food
  • You experience feelings of being out of control around food
  • You experience feeling anxious or depressed
  • Impaired mental performance
  • Some Feel heavier despite having lost weight !


Dieters are more likely than non dieters to turn to food when they are stressed. This phenomenon is created by dieting itself. It would be unfair to suggest than overweight people have more problems and are more stressed than their lean counterparts, however overweight individuals do tend to eat in response to negative feelings and problems more.

Most dieters do not think beyond the diet !

They wage war on food (food fight), they wage war on their bodies and they set a target goal for weight loss, struggle to reach it, and then get frustrated and eat in response to their ‘perceived ‘ failure. Please read the following carefully.

In regard to all your previous attempts to diet….

You did not fail, the diet failed you !

Diets don’t work for many because they focus on removing the disordered behaviour without replacing it with another way to address feelings and issues.

Most diets are biologically flawed and this is why they only work for 7% of people !

If you are someone who has tried every diet known to man then you need to know the following….

Aspects of Normal Eating …

  • Eating something 3 times a day
  • Eating more than you feel you need on some occasions (over eating)
  • Eating less than you feel you need on some occasions (under eating)
  • Eating more of the foods you enjoy the taste of when you choose to
  • Eating less of the foods you like as you know you will be having them in the future
  • Eating or not eating on some occasions because you feel ‘unhappy’ or ‘tense’
  • Eating a variety of foods without feeling guilty
  • Eating is flexible
  • Eating a wide variety of foods to prevent the desire to binge
  • Awareness that eating is not the most important thing in life but it is important to enjoy your food and it is important for the maintenance of good health.

Aren’t they really interesting ?
Aspects of Abnormal Eating

  • Counting calories
  • Weighing food
  • Following a strict diet
  • Eliminating food groups
  • Eating low calorie or low fat foods.

And aren’t these aspects even more interesting?

Because dieting has become the norm and we give food so much power, one might look at the above and think….

Well I thought counting calories was normal or I thought eating more than you need was abnormal !

How would you describe your Relationship with Food? Is it a constant Food Fight ? Fighting with yourself to eat the foods you should eat and fighting with yourself because you eat the foods you shouldn’t eat ?


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